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Legal Intern Summer 2020

Applications are open for our summer internship program for 2020. Learn the processes and procedures for diverse immigration cases, the importance of legal research and writing, and how to work efficiently in a small business setting. 

Contact us today if you're interested in joining the Montes Law Firm team!

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Deadline: May 30, 2020

Internship Testimonials


Kostas Guzman, Former Intern

"From learning from and working with Brenda and Leslie this past summer, there were some things that I effortlessly remember. I recall immediately sensing the great care and pride that both Leslie and Brenda showed for their work and clients. While I was quickly impressed, I was most surprised when they began to show the same care and pride in training and teaching me. There was never a moment, not even in the beginning, where I felt that I was on the outside. Sure I felt nervous and a little uncertain but hey- when you're surrounded by people who are confident in themselves, especially in a field where confidence is one of the most important assets, it wasn't long where I began to feel self-assured as well. From my first day of the internship to my final day, I always had a pen and notebook ready to take note of all the lessons I would never get from the books I would read or all the lectures I would hear. And to some, this might be the most important part of the internship: to glean the knowledge and practices that can be found nowhere else. And while I am tempted to say that this was true for me, I will not. I can not. Brenda and Leslie treated me like family and I, in turn, did the same. When I see them from time to time we smile just as we did when we completed a massive case file, we laugh as hard as we did when one of us did something funny, and in that moment I look back on my internship and can’t help but miss all of it. 

I write this letter now as I begin the new school year. I feel excited and eager to continue my education with the frame of mind Brenda and Leslie helped me build. I come back knowing a little more, worried a little less, and with the self knowledge that what I am currently doing brings me another step closer to the future I want to create. " 


Xitlali Avila, Legal Assistant (Former Intern)

"I have nothing but positive things to express about my internship at Montes Law Firm. I credit this firm and their amazing team for solidifying my decision to pursue law school. As a young Latina preparing to transition into a new chapter of adulthood, having the opportunity to work alongside and learn from a team of Latinas was both comforting and empowering. Prior to interning at Montes Law Firm, I lacked expertise and had little insight in the legal field as a whole. At the time, I just knew that I had interest in the area of civil rights. When I joined as an intern, I didn’t know what to expect. 

After completing my sixth-month internship, I had gained a much deeper insight on the realm of immigration law along with what is required to run a successful, small law firm. What distinguishes Montes Law Firm from other firms is that an intern thoroughly gets to see and experience the functionality of a firm. Among many of my favorite things about having interned here, was being trusted with the opportunity to draft and work on legal documents and asylum declarations. I believe that that hands-on experience was eye-opening in several ways. I was able to receive a deeper understanding on both the legal side and the clients’ side. Working on projects, such as researching a country’s condition on human crisis, largely contributed to my overall educative experience at this firm. Reading said articles, coupled with articles that breakdown the areas within immigration law allowed me to receive a well-rounded, educative experience. 

I truly felt that the team at Montes Law Firm was equally invested in my learning experience as I was. They did an amazing job at dedicating their time and ensuring that I was understanding the material that was assigned to me. During my training, I was assigned readings beforehand so that I had a smoother transition into whatever task I was given on that day. Although some of this work was challenging at times, feeling the support and encouragement from the attorney and legal assistant made it easier. The ambiance at this firm is filled with radiant positive energy and this made me look forward to coming into the office every day. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with a team who put in a lot of effort in my learning experience. Moving forward, I have a better understanding of what I would want to receive from future internships. I know that the skills I have developed here are universal and will be useful in law school and my professional endeavors after law school. "